The FAQ’s – Part Two

The FAQ’s – Part Two

Here’s more answers to your biggest questions…

What will happen to my membership?
In many ways, this partnership is more like starting a new church than merging two organizations. Though the core doctrine and mission remain the same, there will be a new leadership team, new church culture, and many new opportunities to serve. It will be crucial for us as a new congregation to build unity and together to affirm our shared mission and vision. For these reasons, each individual from both churches will complete the membership process of our new community as one body.

What will happen to 1302 Washington (CCB’s facility) and the property on Burleson (HOW’s land)?
We are currently under contract with Burch Architecture and Collier Construction to finish the interior renovation at 1302. The renovation should be completed by the end of the year (2012). Upon completion, the church will move from the Brenham Community Education Building to 1302. We anticipate 1302 being our home for 3-5 years. While at 1302, we will make plans to construct a permanent and long-term facility on the property on Burleson.

What will happen to existing leadership teams (e.g. elders and staff)?
The elders of both churches will combine to form one single Board of Elders. Fortunately, there is very limited redundancy with the staff, so there is no need for immediate downsizing at either congregation. Pastor Justin will serve as Teaching Pastor (full-time); Pastor Marcus will serve as Community Pastor (full-time); Dave Forman and Tamesha Pruett will serve as Worship Leaders (both part-time); Debbie Hyde will serve as Administrator (3/4 time); and various childcare workers (all part-time). We will re-evaluate staff as needed.

What is the proposed timeline for the merger? 

  • September 16, 2012:
    Begin joint services at Brenham Community Education Building
  • October 28, 2012:
    Invite both congregations to make a final affirmation of the merger
  • November 4-December 30, 2012 (approximate):
    Worship together as ONE church at the Brenham Community Education Building (with the new name)
  • January 1, 2013:
    Legally combine all aspects of both congregations
  • January 6 (approximate):
    Begin meeting at the newly renovated 1302 Property
  • March 31:
    Host large public Easter celebration service